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ICANNWiki is not associated with ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

The ICANNWiki Mission

ICANNWiki is a grass roots, industry resource fostering global collaboration and transparency within the ICANN community.

Our Philosophy

ICANNWiki is a wiki whose goal is to create a free, valuable and "community" neutral, global Internet resource containing information for all aspects of the ICANN "community". The ICANN "community" is not limited to ICANN itself. The ICANN "community" encompasses ICANN as well as those associated with, or affected by ICANN's decisions.

ICANWiki serves as a neutral, global commons that brings ALL groups of the ICANN "community" together for purposes of communication in a manner that is transparent.

Many people have expressed concern over the lack of transparency, not only within ICANN, but within their own respective groups. ICANNWiki provides the neutral platform by which all community members may express concerns, develop policy, teach and learn -- all in a way that accomplishes a common concern and that is transparency.

Because no single resource is as powerful as the one that can tap into the knowledge of every visitor, ICANNWiki stands front and center as one of the most valuable information resource platforms on the web serving the whole ICANN "Community".

ICANNWiki warmly welcomes any and all community members to join us in the effort of global online collaboration and resource for the ICANN "community"!

More About ICANNWiki

Released in July of 2005, this fabulous resource was put together by ICANNWiki Enthusiasts with the belief that a public wiki could be a real benefit to the ICANN community At Large. A wiki is a medium for "peer production", where the act of using the site together will create a valuable common asset. This "lasting work" made up of our the industry's collective intelligence can then be used to further our common mission of making the Internet a better place to live and work. This site and all proceeds collected by the site are only used towards these important goals.

This site is not associated with ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICANNWiki seeks to help organize information in such a way that the ICANN community has a valuable resource with which it can better achieve its goals. So far, we have 1,422 people, 220 companies, 85 blogs and 90 active people. Click help for more information about editing any page or getting involved.