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Helping here

If you are interested in helping to create a great website about the ICANN community, check out this page.

Help for you

  • ICANNWiki uses the MediaWiki platform. Editing instructions can be found here.
  • The ICANNWiki community Values

Community resources

Work to be done here

  • Move the balance of articles from ICANNWiki.org
    • Edit newly created articles
    • Make sure that all of the people articles have countries (the ones we can find of course)
    • Check to make sure that completed articles on ICANNWiki.com have been redirected on ICANNWiki.org
  • Miscellaneous
  • Continue work with Glossary items
  • work on most Wanted Pages
    another interesting view Most Linked to Pages
  • Work on Books, Blogs and ICANN related sites of interest
  • Let's agree on one place for people to update the articles they've worked on

Standards to create

  • People article consistency (formatting, chronological order, etc.)
  • Company article consistency
  • Review and improve the "how to create..." articles

SF Conference


  • Work on Sponsorship benefits page
  • Re-engage with past and potential new sponsors
  • Sponsorship Invoices
  • Current Sponsor Template


  • Air Tickets
  • Hotel (done)
  • Booth Signage Caterina
  • Sponsors Ray
    • Sponsor Followup
  • Caricatures Andrew
    • Coordinate with caricaturist->Dry run with Caricaturist, creating pages for Caterina and Andrew
    • Purchase Photo Printer & Ink (enough to print 1000 pages, 500 before and whatever we have to print at the conference
    • Organize 500 caricature files to print
    • Dry-run printing process, ensure that sponsor logos can be easily incorporated
    • Preprint caricatures (500)
    • Adhesive material
  • Setup e-mail accounts Ray
  • Camera and Tripod Ray
  • Process for adding new people at the booth Andrew
    • Create form to guide meet/greet interview process and the note-taking involved.Andrew
  • Arrange to bring large monitor Ray