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Your support of ICANNWiki helps fund our staff, travel expenses, and last but not least, our highly visible conference giveaways, which are created in close collaboration with our Partners. These giveaways are an extremely cost-effective and memorable way to interact with the large and clearly-defined ICANN market. For further sponsorship options, please review our Sponsorship page or note our other high-level sponsorship opportunities, which include playing card decks. In addition to our existing material, ICANNWiki is always eager to work with our Sponsors on developing new content and research projects on a customized basis. Contact jessica [@] icannwiki.org to continue the conversation!

Playing Cards

Unique to each conference, our Playing Cards are a longstanding extension of our Caricature Badges. Playing Card Partners have their logos clearly featured on the card box and deck and are given the opportunity to highlight their company and its members with special cards, similar to the example shown at right.

ICANN 52 Playing Cards ICANN 51 Playing Cards

City Guides

Custom-made for each ICANN conference and its host city, these pocket City Guides feature destinations suggested by ICANNers and our Partners. Partners receive prominent logo placement in the City Guide, which is distributed to every ICANN attendee via tote bag, upon registration at the conferences.

This opportunity to sponsor our City Guides is only available to our Partners, who enjoy the best our sponsorship program provides. View all of those benefits here.

Map-back-colored.jpg Map-front-colored.jpg DakarMap.png

Caricature Badges

ICANNWiki Staff
Meet the ICANNWiki Staff: Ray King, Jackie Treiber, Vivian Hua, and Dustin Phillips

Caricature Badges are ICANNWiki's most long-term giveaway. Our custom-illustrated caricatures get unmatched visibility at every ICANN conference. Each caricature is printed on-demand, offering a fun alternative to generic conference name badges and creating a frequent source of corridor conversation! Partners receive prominent logo placement on the front of each badge.

Partnering with us on our Caricature Badges offers a truly rewarding opportunity to show your support of an important, grassroots, community-driven project and will also allow your brand to be well-represented at ICANN Meetings.

This opportunity to sponsor our Caricature Badges is only available to our Partners, who enjoy the best our sponsorship program provides. View all of those benefits here.