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| website      = [http://svsf40.icann.org/ ICANN 40 Website]
| website      = [http://svsf40.icann.org/ ICANN 40 Website]
| totalregistrants = 1474
| totalregistrants = 1474
| registration    = [https://www.registration123.com/reports/saved.cfm?r=%24*%40L%26V0%20%20%0A Total Attendees]
| registration    = [https://www.registration123.com/reports/saved.cfm?r=%24*%40L%26V0%20%20%0A List of Registered Attendees]
| keyappointments      =  
| keyappointments      =  
| historicalimport      = [[.xxx]] was approved
| historicalimport      = [[.xxx]] was approved
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== Sponsors ==
== Sponsors ==
* '''Diamond''': [[Verisign]]
'''''Platinum Elite:'''''
'''Platinum Elite:''' [[NeuStar]]
'''Silver:''' [[PIR]], [[Iron Mountain]], [[Afilias]], [[GMO Registry]], [[AusRegistry]], [[CNNIC]], [[Community.asia]], [[United Domains]], [[ISC]], [[NTT America]], [[InternetX]]
[[.org]], [[Iron Mountain]], [[Afilias]], [[GMO Registry]], [[AusRegistry]], [[CNNIC]], [[Community.asia]], [[United Domains]], [[ISC]], [[NTT America]], [[InternetX]]
'''Bronze:''' [[RegistryPro]], [[ironDNS]], [[Name Media]], [[RU-Center]]
[[.pro]], [[ironDNS]], [[Name Media]], [[RU-Center]]
== Videos ==
== Videos ==

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Dates: 13-18 March 2011
Location: Silicon Valley, San Francisco
Venue: The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square
Website: ICANN 40 Website
Total Registrants: 1474
Registration: List of Registered Attendees
Historical Significance
.xxx was approved

ICANN 40 was held in Silicon Valley between 13 and 18 March, 2011.[1] The meeting was hosted at The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square

ICANN 40 was the most attended meeting till date and was also the "most heated". A lot of important issues were to be discussed at the meeting including the issue of .xxx and the new gTLDs[2] There were more than 1700 attendees at the meeting.[3]

Historical Significance

Yes2DotAfrica Campaign

The campaign of yes2dotafrica against the press release made by AfTLD on wanting to obtain an African Union mandate for a “.Africa” registry was successful.[4]

.XXX Approved

After a debate of many years, ICANN Board approved .xxx as a new gTLD. The board made an agreement with the ICM registry, allowing it to handle the .xxx.[5] There was a lot of heat on the .xxx debate at this ICANN Meeting.


Multiple session were in progress consecutively in different rooms of the hotel. The prominent session included:

  • CISO Roundtable, held on 14 March
The main agenda of this meetings was Discussion of building pathways for engagement with CISO community.[6]
  • Technical Evolution of WHOIS held on 16 March
This was a followup session to a workshop convened at the ICANN 39. This session was about IRIS and RWS, as explained by the experts. Authors and implementors of IRIS and RWS were invited to give presentations.[7]
Enabling Future Directory Services for Domain Registration Data
A RESTful Web Service for Whois
  • New gTLD Program: Discussion of Issues Identified by Governmental Advisory Committee held on 16 March
This session was an opportunity for public discussion on the set of issues identified by the GAC at the GAC Communique at ICANN 39.[8]
Transcript: New gTLDs with Board
  • Consultation between ICANN Board and the GAC held on 15 March
In this session GAC and Board of Directors discussed issues pertaining to the introduction of new gTLDs and the proposed delegation of .xxx to the ICM registry.[9] The new gTLDs were approved at ICANN 41.
Transcript: Consultation between ICANN Board and the GAC
  • Presentation & Discussion of the Proposed New GNSO Policy Development Process held on 16 March
This session was aimed at providing an overview of the new GNSO Policy Development Process proposed at ICANN Brussels.[10]
Presentations:The New GNSO Policy Development Process
  • Clinton To Address ICANN Silicon Valley Meeting held on 16 March[11]
  • Geographic Regions Review Working Group Workshop held on 17 March
This Workshop was a discussion regarding the future of ICANN's Geographic Regions framework featuring members of the community interested in sharing their views with members of the community-wide working group examining the current geographic regions framework.[12]


Platinum Elite: NeuStar

Silver: PIR, Iron Mountain, Afilias, GMO Registry, AusRegistry, CNNIC, Community.asia, United Domains, ISC, NTT America, InternetX

Bronze: RegistryPro, ironDNS, Name Media, RU-Center



Vint Cerf speaking at ICANN 40


Rod Beckstorm's opening speech


Opening Press Conference of ICANN 40


Bill Clinton addressing the audience


Interview with CEO Rod Beckstrom and Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush

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