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ICANN Organization refers to the staff charged with helping the ICANN Community (SOs, ACs, and the Internet community at large) develop, implement, and monitor ICANN policies and advice toward ensuring the SSR of the DNS and the performance of the IANA functions. ICANN’s main expense is personnel costs, covering the salaries and work-related expenses of 388 employees during FY20 and representing 57 percent of cash expenses (US$76 million).[1] ICANN Staffers include ICANN Officers and the ICANN CEO. Together they ensure that policies and advice are developed by the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees and approved and implemented by the ICANN Board in accordance with the ICANN Bylaws and ICANN's commitment to the Multistakeholder Model. Examples of ICANN functions carried out by staff include the Office of Contractual Compliance, which gathers information from and enforces the contractual compliance of registries and registrars through complaint-driven informal and formal resolution processes, ICANN-initiated monitoring, or random auditing; the OCTO, which improves knowledge sharing about the technical operation of the Internet's system of unique identifiers; and the office of the Ombudsman, which provides informal dispute resolution for members of the ICANN community who wish to lodge complaints about ICANN staff, board, or supporting organizations/advisory committees.

ICANN Functions

ICANN Departments
gTLD Services Policy SSR Engagement Board Operations Communications Strategic Initiatives HR
GDS Contractual Compliance Engineering & Information Technology Research Office of the CEO Language Services Planning Legal
GDD Public Responsibility IANA Products Administration & Operations Support Meetings Finance
IDN Review Support Ombudsman Complaints Office Governance Oprerations Conflict Resolution Specialist Risk Management

ICANN Org Achievements


Over the course of 2021, ICANN Org:[2]