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| employees      =  
| employees      =  
| revenue        =  
| revenue        =  
| website        = [http://www.icmregistry.com/ icmregistry.com]
| website        = [http://www.icmregistry.com/ ICMRegistry.com]
| blog            =  
| blog            =  
| facebook        =  
| facebook        =  

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Type: Private
Industry: Internet, Registry
Founded: Delware, USA, 2000
Founder(s): Jason Hendeles
Headquarters: Suite 2500 130,
Adelaide Street West,
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M2
Country: Canada
Website: ICMRegistry.com
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@ICMRegistry
Key People
Jason Hendeles, VP, Strategic Business Development

Stuart Lawley, Chairman and President
Len Bayles, Chief Technical Officer

TLDs: 3
Registrations: 26,743

More Info: nTLDStats

ICM Registry is the registry operator behind the .xxx registry. The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) is the sponsoring organization.[1]


  • 2000- ICM Registry was founded by Jason Hendeles in Delaware, USA.
  • 2000- ICM Registry, a private company, submitted a proposal at ICANN’s 2000 Proof of Concept Round, proposing two unsponsored gTLD strings - .kids and .xxx. [2] The evaluators in the Proof of Concept Round recommended against the inclusion of either the .KIDS or the .XXX TLD strings in the Proof of Concept Round.[3]

After this, ICM Registry's proposal was accepted and later revoked many times.

  • 2007- January 6th, ICANN put up for public comment a revised proposal [4] following changes to the policy of the ICM registry including the policing of any site that signs up to use the .xxx registry.
  • 2007- March 30th, ICANN rejected the .xxx proposal for the third time, citing that the board did not want to get in the business of content regulation, especially when the definition of "pornography" varies by jurisdiction.
  • 2010- February 19th, ICANN's IRP (Independent Review Panel) issued a declaration in its review of ICM Registry's appeal.[5] The Panel found that the application for the ".xxx sTLD met the required sponsorship criteria," and that "the Board’s reconsideration of that finding was not consistent with the application of neutral, objective and fair documented policy."[6] A 45 day public comment was opened on March 26, 2010.
  • 2010- June 25th, ICANN's board approved the proposal.[7]

Services offered by ICM Registry

ICM Registry intends to provide the registry service for both .xxx and .kids through two of the internet's registry-service providers: dotTV Corporation and VeriSign Global Registry Services. Primary registry application functions will be performed by dotTV. VeriSign will provide a supporting role for all registration functions, ensuring the registry is reliable and stable.


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