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IGF is the abbreviation for Internet Governance Forum. It was established with a view of providing the necessary support to the United Nations Secretary General in conducting the mandate from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). [1] The IGF serves as a platform wherein stakeholders from industry, government and civil society can discuss issues related to the Internet governance. It serves as a collaborative, interactive platform where all the stakeholders can put forward their views and exchange ideas beneficial for Internet governance. The IGF was formally established in the year 2006 as part of the outcome of the second phase of WSIS. The first IGF meeting took place in October-November 2006 in Athens, with Internet Governance for Development as its theme.[2]


As per the Tunis Agreement, the main objective of the IGF is to serve as a multilateral, democratic and transparent and multi-stake holder entity that will discuss the key areas of Internet governance and look after the security, stability, development, robustness and sustainability of the Internet across the world. [1]


The Mandate for the IGF was set under the paragraph 72 of the Tunis Agreement. The mandate of IGF mostly states that IGF is principally a discussion forum established to facilitate dialogue amongst its participants. The IGF should “recognize the emerging issues in Internet governance bring these issues to attention of the general public and relevant bodies and make recommendations as and where it feels appropriate”. However, the mandate doesn’t give the authority to IGF to make any decisions intgovforum.orgmandate</ref>


The IGF is funded through donations from the various stakeholder groups. Majority of the funds that go into organizing the IGF meetings are provided by the host countries. As far as the funding of the IGF Secretariat’s activities are concerned, they are funded through the multi-donor Trust Fund, which is administered by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). [3]

Activities of IGF

IGF organizes Workshops, opens Best Practice Forums and holds meetings of its Dynamic Coalitions. The first IGF meeting was held in the year 2006. The main highlight of this meeting was the formation of the Dynamic coalitions. These Dynamic Coalitions mainly include active dynamic coalitions and inactive dynamic coalitions. In the second meeting of the IGF that took place in the year 2007, which explored five major themes such as openness, diversity, access, security and other critical Internet resources. In its third meeting that took place in the year 2008, the IGF mostly focused on promoting cyber security and the future of Internet. The IGF meeting in 2009 focused mainly on Internet Governance as a whole whereas ‘Developing the future of together’ was the main theme of the IGF meeting held in 2010. [4]


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has always commended the efforts of IGF in bringing together the Internet Community including ICANN to discuss about the issues concerning both ICANN as well as IGF. The IGF has also provided ICANN with a good opportunity to share their experiences and information regarding the process of working of Internet and what role it ICANN play in enhancing the working of the Internet. [5]