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Type: Non-Profit
Industry: Registry
Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Box 7399

Ringvägen 100A, 9 tr.
10391 Stockholm

Country: Sweden
Revenue: SEK 40 Million (2010)
Email: info[at]iis.se
Website: IIS
Facebook: Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@stiftelsen
Key People
Anders Flodström, Chairman


IIS is the ICANN accredited registrar for Sweden ccTLD i.e .se.[1] According to their website they have more than 1 million registered domain names. They have a long list of internet development projects including development of different applications, educating different internet aspects in institutions, publications and implementation of IPv6. Currently active projects can be found here.[2]

IIS was the first organisation in the world to implement DNSSEC.[3] The company co-founded EURid with the registry operators for Belgium and Italy's ccTLD, .be and .it.


IIS regularly arranges seminars and conferences in co-operation with other local companies. To promote web development in youth, it arranges competitions in which a large number of students participate.[4] The complete list of upcoming events can be seen here. It is running a campaign named Internet Fund which allows anyone to get financed by IIS if they are doing something related to promote internet in Sweden.[5] IIS also believes in the future of open source technology and is working for the creation of better open source applications for people.[6]


IIS received Swedish Quality Award 2010 for its role in the development of internet in the Swedish community.[7].

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