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Type: Iran ccTLD Registry
Founded: 1994
Headquarters: Shahid Bahonar (Niavaran) Square

Tehran 1954851167

Country: Iran

IRNIC is the entity that registers, manages and sells Iranian ccTLDs (.ir) and its IDN ccTLD,[1] it is associated with the country's Institute for Research in Fundamental Science.[2] The organization has been involved in presenting their perspective on ICANN's IDN programs and its general participation in the Middle East.[3]

The registry was founded in 1994, but there was little activity until 2000. The registry was reorganized in September 2001.[4]

In December 2003 new liberalized registration rules were instituted and a Dispute Resolution Policy went into effect. Since then the number of registrations has been doubling every year. Presently there are over 95,000 registrations.[4]

As of 2015, the .ir name is still banned from retail by all organisations based in the USA due to Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctions[5] and is also banned in the UK according to UK-based registrars.[6]


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