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| twitter        = ISCdotORG
| twitter        = ISCdotORG
| keypeople      = [[Jeff Osborn]], President<br>
| keypeople      = [[Jeff Osborn]], President<br>
[[Stephen Morris]], Director of Engineering<br>
[[Stephen Morris]], Director of QA<br>
[[Jim Martin]], Director of Operations<br>
[[Brian Reid]], Director of Operations<br/>
[[Brian Reid]], Director of Communications/Senior Member, Technical Staff<br/>
[[Twistan Marc Jones]], Director of Sales<br/>
[[Twistan Marc Jones]], Director of Sales<br/>
[[Leah Symekher]], Account Manager<br/>
[[Vicky Risk]], Director of Marketing
[[Vicky Risk]], Director of Marketing
[[Ondrej Sury]], Director of DNS Engineering
[[Tomek Mrugalski]], Director of DHCP Development

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Type: Non-Profit
Industry: Root Server Operator, Open Source Software
Founded: 1994
Founder(s): Paul Vixie, Carl Malamud, Rick Adams
Headquarters: 950 Charter Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
Country: USA
Website: isc.org
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@ISCdotORG
Key People
Jeff Osborn, President

Stephen Morris, Director of QA
Brian Reid, Director of Operations
Twistan Marc Jones, Director of Sales
Vicky Risk, Director of Marketing Ondrej Sury, Director of DNS Engineering Tomek Mrugalski, Director of DHCP Development

The Internet Systems Consortium, or, ISC is a non-profit which supports "the infrastructure of the universal connected self-organizing Internet—and the autonomy of its participants by developing and maintaining core production quality software, protocols, and operations".[1]

ISC is known for developing and maintaining the production quality BIND and DHCP Open Source software. ISC has expanded its focus to include enhancing the stability of the global DNS via reliable F-root name server operations. ISC is also involved with protocol development, such as facilitating the transition to IPv6. It if affiliated with OARC for DNS[2]


ISC began as the Internet Software Consortium Inc. in 1994; a decade later it changed its name to likely highlight its expansion beyond solely software based services.[3]. The founders of ISC believed that BIND's integral part in enhancing and supporting the Internet needed to be fostered by an independent entity. IANA authorized ISC to be a root name server operator, which allowed ISC to support the use of BIND by root name servers.

ISC has become a home for additional software systems, like INN or Lynx; and they have also created their own, such as DHCP and OpenReg.[4]


Business has expanded beyond root name service; and ISC is now know for its Internet Hosting facilities for other open source projects, secondary name service for TLDs, and a DNS Operations, Analysis and Research Center (OARC).[5]


ISC was created through a grant, and it continues to survive on grants, Guild member fees, sponsors, and donations.[6] They also provide paid support for their software, as well as training.[7]

All of ISC's software is available for download from its website.


ISC was the first root server to enter into a Mutual Responsibilities Agreement with ICANN. While the world's dozen root servers have long played a vital role within the Internet community and ICANN's work, there had not been a mutual agreement of this nature until January 4th, 2008.[8]


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