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Founded: 1994
Headquarters: 6 Bareket St.

POB 7219
49517 Petach Tikva

Country: Israel

The Israel Internet Association, or ISOC-IL, is a non-profit entity founded in 1994. It is the Israeli branch of ISOC and manages the .il ccTLD for Israel.[1] It also founded and operates the Israeli Internet eXchange.[1][2]

The organization aims to secure and encourage internet growth and usage in Israel. It maintains close dialogue with government agencies and professional organizations to accomplish its goals.[1]

Israeli Internet eXchange

The Israeli Internet eXchange, or IIX, was created by ISOC-IL to serve as a central meeting point of the Internet Service Providers in Israel. Its purpose is to route all intra-Israel Internet traffic among the operators as efficiently as possible, through the use of layer-3 switching router. Internet service providers can then connect to this exchange point using various technologies; once connected, they can exchange internet traffic amongst themselves, much like a telephone exchange, rather than a setup where each service provider must be connected to individually.[2]


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