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Founded: 1996
Website: [For US:]

ISPA is the Internet Service Providers Association since 1996.[1]

About ISPA

It is a non-profit organization that serves to represent the interests of the companies providing Internet services, together named ISPs. This association was formed based on certain principles that it's members have to follow. These principles are split into two main areas concerning the underlining importance of the users privacy rights and the association's commitment to contribute with information in helping the law avoid irregularities and the liability for the Internet content.[2]

ISPA is formed of three committees and one board of directors. The committees are: Security Council, Cybersecurity Working Group and EPCA Working Group. The board of directors is formed of representatives from the most important member organizations[3]:

  • AOL - Abigail Abraham
  • AT&T - Keith Epstein
  • Yahoo! - Christopher Bubb
  • Verizon - Thomas Dailey

Other organization members are: Earth Link, Comcast, United Online. [4]