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Intellitonic is an SEO-focused digital marketing company in Bellingham, Washington. The company was founded in April 2016 by Alex Bruner, Courtney Rambo, and Jared Keller. As of the end of 2018, there are 8 total employees divided into three teams: operations, client relations, and development.

Operations performs keyword research and develops website content including page content and blogs to generate search engine relevance targeting specific keywords. The operations team also produces website meta data including meta description tags, meta titles, and image alt text. Finally, the operations team creates and optimizes PPC ads, primarily on Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The client relations team is in charge of meeting new clients, learning how Intellitonic's digital marketing services can help, and maintaining communication with clients on how the services are working for them. The client relations team is also in charge of analyzing and reporting the SEO health of websites over time and providing suggestions for additional tactics.

The development team creates and installs plugins, sets up website analysis programs, solves site speed issues, and regularly improves the Intellitonic website. The Intellitonic development team also writes programs to make digital marketing more efficient and effective.

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