Internet Society Israel Chapter

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Founded: 1994
Headquarters: 6 Bareket St.

POB 7219
49517 Petach Tikva

Country: Israel
Website: ISOC-IL (English)
Facebook: ISOC-IL
LinkedIn: ISOC-IL
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@ISOCIL

The Israel Internet Association, or ISOC-IL is a non-profit entity founded in 1994. It is the Israeli branch of ISOC and manages both the .il ccTLD and its internationalized variant, ישראל, for Israel.[1] It also founded and operates the Israeli Internet eXchange.[1][2]

The organization aims to secure and encourage internet growth and usage in Israel. It maintains close dialogue with government agencies and professional organizations to accomplish its goals.[1]

Domain History


ISOC-IL has managed the .il ccTLD since 1994.[3] As of March 2021, there were approximately 270,000 active registrations.[4] Registration is available at the second level only, and certain requirements must be met to register a domain under a particular SLD.[5]


In January of 2020, ISOC-IL applied for the internationalized domain string ישראל, or "Israel" in Hebrew script, using ICANN's IDN Fast Track process for ccTLDs.[6] The application was approved in May 2020.[7] ISOC-IL announced that as part of the transition to the IDN, registration of Hebrew domain names under the .il domain would be suspended "as part of an administrative and technological process by ISOC-IL to operate the Hebrew country code Top Level Domain for Israel in the future."[5] IANA subsequently delegated the IDN to ISOC-IL in January 2021.[8]

ISOC-IL intends for .il and ישראל. to share a unified name space. Each domain will be aliased to the other at no cost to existing registrants:

ISOC-IL believes that the Unified Name Space approach will best serve the interests of the local Internet community. In addition, it will save unnecessary expenses for the holders of existing Domain Names, since they will not be required to register these names separately in the Hebrew Top Level Domain.[9]

Israeli Internet eXchange

The Israeli Internet eXchange, or IIX, is maintained by ISOC-IL as a central switching router for Internet service providers in Israel.[2]