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'''NameDrive''', Luxemburg.<ref>[[http://www.namedrive.com] namedrive - domain parking]</ref>.
'''NameDrive''', Luxemburg.<ref>[[http://www.namedrive.com] namedrive - domain parking]</ref>.
'''Moniker''' SA, Florida/ USA <ref>[[http://www.moniker.com]].
'''Moniker''' SA, Florida/ USA. <ref>[[http://www.moniker.com]].
'''SnapNames''', Orgeon, USA <ref>[[http://www.snapnames.com]].
'''SnapNames''', Orgeon, USA. <ref>[[http://www.snapnames.com]].

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Is interservices.JPG
Type: Privately held
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2004
Founder(s): Alexander Siffrin
Headquarters: Neunkircherstr. 43, 66299 Friedrichsthal
Country: Germany
Businesses: Investment & Asset Management Holding Company
Website: is inter-services.eu

Key-Systems Internet Solutions

Key People
Alexander Siffrin, Founder and CEO

Dr. Eva C. Siffrin-Kokert, CEO

is inter-services is an German investment and asset management holding company.

The portfolio includes e.g.

KeyDrive SA, in Luxemburg.[1] including

Key-Systems, a limited liabilty company in Germany and an ICANN accredited registrar. KS was founded by Alexander Siffrin.[2]and operates more than 3,1 million internet domain names for businesses, ISP professionals and other customers. The company is the second largest ISP for gTLDs in Europe, and operates internationally with offices in Germany, Mexico and the United States. Key-Systems holds also shares in az.pl [3] - the first ICANN accredited registrar in Poland.

Skyway Data Center, a computer center which provides services in the areas of colocation, hosting and dedicated server.[3].

NameDrive, Luxemburg.[4].

Moniker SA, Florida/ USA. <ref>[[4]].

SnapNames, Orgeon, USA. <ref>[[5]].


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