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[http://www.key-systems.net Key-Systems - Internet Solutions]
[http://www.key-systems.net Key-Systems - Internet Solutions]
| keypeople      = [[Alexander Siffrin]], Founder and CEO<br>
| keypeople      = [[Alexander Siffrin]], Founder and CEO<br>
Dr. Eva C. Siffrin-Kokert, CEO,
Dr. Eva C. Siffrin-Kokert, CEO<br>
Horst Oskar Siffrin, CEO
Horst Oskar Siffrin, CEO

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Type: Privately held
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2004
Founder(s): Alexander Siffrin
Headquarters: Neunkircherstr. 43, 66299 Friedrichsthal
Country: Germany
Businesses: Investment & Asset Management Holding
Website: inter.services

Key-Systems - Internet Solutions

Key People
Alexander Siffrin, Founder and CEO

Dr. Eva C. Siffrin-Kokert, CEO
Horst Oskar Siffrin, CEO

is inter-services http://www.inter.services is an German investment and asset management holding company. Its portfolio includes a majority in KeyDrive SA, in Luxemburg.[1], comprising Key-Systems, Moniker [2] - and PartnerGate - three leading ICANN accredited registrars - the registrar toweb Brasil and the registry dotSaarland GmbH [[3]].

Key-Systems was founded by Alexander Siffrin.[2] and operates together with Moniker more than 6 million internet domain names for businesses, ISP professionals and other customers. Key-Systems is the leading ISP in Europe for resellers for gTLDs, and operates internationally with offices in Germany and the United States.

Other companies of the Key-Systems Group are Skyway DataCenter - providing services in the areas of colocation, hosting and dedicated server systems [3] - KSregisty GmbH [4] - and OpenRegistry - providing registry services for 36 TLDs and 2 2nd level ccTLDs.. traffic.club is also a member of the Group.