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|website    = [[ICANNWiki]]
|website    = [[ICANNWiki]]
|blog      =  
|blog      =  
|twitter    = jack_marie_tee
|twitter    = jacklnn_t
|facebook  =  
|facebook  =  
|linkedin  = [http://www.linkedin.com/in/jacquelinetreiber Jackie Treiber]
|linkedin  = [http://www.linkedin.com/in/jacquelinetreiber Jackie Treiber]

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Jackie Treiber Portrait.jpg
Affiliation: ICANNWiki
Country: USA
Email: jackie[at]icannwiki.com

LinkIcon.png   [[[ICANNWiki]] ICANNWiki]

LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Jackie Treiber Jackie Treiber]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @jacklnn_t
ICANNWiki-wgLogo.png Currently an
ICANNWiki Staff Member.

Jackie is an Editor and Community Manager for ICANNWiki. She is based in Portland, OR.

Career History

ICANNWIki (2015+)

As the Editor & Community Manager of ICANNWiki, Jackie works closely with Jonah Geil-Neufeld, fellow editor Vivian Hua as well as site director Raymond King and past editor Andrew Merriam to create and edit content for the site. She also attends all ICANN meetings in order to maintain relationships with ICANN community members and bring community awareness to the ICANNWiki site.

Flashgiovani (2012)

Flashgiovani is a special project of the municipality of Bologna, Italy. As a writer at Flashgiovani, Jackie crafted creative and informative articles [1] pertaining to life abroad from a personal perspective. She also translated Italian articles into English for the benefit of visiting English speakers.

The Portland Review (2010-2011)

The Portland Review has published poetry, fiction and reviews since 1956. As Editor-in-Chief of The Portland Review, Jackie solicited work from renowned and lesser known writers and artists on a quarterly basis.


Jackie received a B.A. from Portland State University in 2014, where she majored in Literature and Creative Writing.


  1. From Portland to Bologna with Love From Flashgiovani.it. Retrieved 04 February 2015.