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UnderConstruction.png James Galvin is the Vice Chair at ICANN SSAC, Board Director at Greater Baltimore Youth Orchestra and Director of Strategic Relationships and Technical Standards at Afilias. He is also the owner of eList eXpress LLC and a Participant at IETF. At Afilias, he manages the company's relationships with the Internet Community; he is also involved in improving Afilias technical leadership.

Career History

Dr. Galvin has been an active member of the IT and the Internet industry for more than 3 decades. He has several years of experience in technical consulting.


He holds a Bachelors of Science with double major in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Moravian College and a Masters in Computer Science and Information Systems from The University of Delaware. He did his Ph.D from the latter university.

SSAC review, Registry Transition Program] at ICANN Cartegena

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