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Country: USA
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Jean Armour Polly works as the Assistant Director and Administrator of Systems and Technology at the Liverpool Public Library. She is renowned as the "Net-Mom".

Jean is also the website review editor at She has been a board member of The Internet Society].[1] Her interest in promoting the internet has helped her earn the distinction of publishing the first book on the web in 2000.[2] She also coined the term "surfing" for browsing internet sites. [3]. Jean Armour Polly is the author of The Internet Kids Yellow Pages.

Career History

Before joining Liverpool Public Lirary, she was the Director of Public Services and Internet Ambassador at [ Inc.;[4]prior to that, Jean was a public librarian for sixteen years. She is also a member of the American Library Association. Her interest in accessible interent also led her to be a part of the project GAIN, which helped in connecting the rural public libraries to the internet.

Jean co-owns and co-moderates PUBLIB, the Internet discussion list for public librarians; and is the owner of [ a website where she reviews websites for kids and families. She has also published the The Internet Kids Yellow Pages, and The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages.[5]

Jean Armour Polly is one of the first two women to have been elected to Internet Society]'s Board of Trustees.

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