Jean Armour Polly

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Country: USA
Email: mom [at]
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Jean Armour Polly works as the Assistant Director and Administrator of Systems and Technology at the Liverpool Public Library. She is renowned as the Net-mom.

Jean is also the website review editor at She has been a board member at Internet Society (ISOC).[1]. Jean has the distinction of publishing the first book on the web in 2000.[2] She coined the term surfing for browsing internet sites. [3]. Jean Armour Polly is the author of The Internet Kids Yellow Pages. She has interests in promoting internet.

Career History

  • Before joining Liverpool Public Lirary, she was the Director of Public Services and Internet Ambassador at NYSERNet, Inc.
  • Prior to that, Jean was a public librarian for sixteen years.
  • She co-owns and co-moderates PUBLIB, the Internet discussion list for public librarians.

Jean is a member of the American Library Association and is a former director of the Library and Information Technology Association's Board. She was one of the first two women elected to the Internet Society Board of Trustees, and holds memberships in the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. An entertaining regular on the demo and speaking circuit, Jean has jacked into the Net in places as diverse as: Alaska, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hawai'i, and historic booth number one at Roger's Frontier Bar in Old Colorado City, Colorado. She lives on a hill in Central New York, above a woods full of raccoons, fox, and deer. She is currently a freelance writer and independent contractor. Mom to a ten-year-old son, Stephen, Jean also enjoys her cats, ducks, and a garden pond full of goldfish and lilies. More about Jean is available at her home page: or you can email her at: