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Country: USA
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UnderConstruction.png Jeremiah Johnston knows a lot about Domains, and the writer has gone on to explain his initiative to the ICANN community. He is a writer from Los Angeles who works in Entrepreneurship as well as a worker for small business problems. He was once very avid in Domain name research in the years of its infancy but during the twenty first century things have changed tremendously.

Career and Domain Evolution

There was a time where Domains were the new thing on the street and everyone was looking to acquire every large domain available, this was during the times when domain names were something of a commodity that many looked at as “gold” Johnston would go on to explain that that day and age is pretty much over now. These days Domains are no longer very hard to come by and will even be offered at relatively cheap prices letting users of all likes and makes start up their online businesses. He knows this because he is part of the council of Sedo, an organization that specializes in the creation and selling of Domain names, and he’s been part of that business for many long years.

Personal Advice

He would say that those seeking out a domain name should make sure that the domain was legitimate and not a rip-off because you can run into those. Check for any coupons on the sites that may be available before going through with a purchase, but once you make it, do with your domain what you will. Just make sure you have all the data you need on the website that meets what you’re setting out to do because if you have nothing to show for, you will not generate the traffic you need to have a successful online business.