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Country: Portugal
Email: jmm [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [joaommoreira Joao Moreira]

Joao Moreira is the b-on (Online knowledge Library) Project Manager at the Foundation for National Scientific Computing (FCCN). He is also the Portugal Open Access Science Repository (RCAAP) Project Manager at FCCN.[1]

João Mendes Moreira has graduated in Systems Analysis and Computer Engineering from the University of Minho in 1991-1996.[2]


  • Member of the Local Organizing Committee of ICANN Lisbon[3]
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of Luso-Brazilian Conference on Open Access[4]
  • ICOLC Spring Meeting 2009[5] and Fall Meeting 2008[6]
  • RIPE 34[7] and RIPE 40[8]
  • 5th UNICA Scholarly Communication Seminar[9]
  • Southern European Libraries Link (SELL)[10]
  • ICAU 2005[11]

Career History

  • 6DISS/6DEPLOY FP6/FP7 Partner Project Manager at FCCN
  • ICT Coordinator - Corporate System, LAN and Security Manager at FCCN
  • IT Manager at FCCN
  • ICT Coordinator - Corporate Information Systems Manager at FCCN