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|portrait  = JoeKrausPortrait.jpg
|portrait  = JoeKrausPortrait.jpg
|caricature = CaricatureComing.jpg
|caricature = CaricatureComing.jpg
|affiliation= Google
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|born      =
|country    = USA
|country    = USA

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Affiliation: Google
Country: USA
Email: joe [at] eff.org

link=sites.google.com   [sites.google.com sites.google.com]

LinkedIn: link=jkraus   [jkraus Joe Kraus]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @jkraus

Joe Kraus is a Partner at Google Ventures.[1]Previously, he worked as the Director of Product Management at Google.

Joe is also on the Board of Directors at the Electronic Frontier Foundation[2] and OpenCandy.[3]

Joe Kraus was an early starter in the Internet and has extensive experience therein. He was the Co-founder of a few startups.

One of Joe's earliest job was duplicating microfiche. The next summer he started a T-shirt design company and made $25,000 in one summer. In 1993, Joe Kraus went on to start Excite (a search engine) with four of his friends, with $3 million in funding from Vinod Khosla and Kleiner Perkins. Excite had its IPO in 1996, and Joe Kraus's shares in Excite were worth $12 million. He was just 24 at that time.

Mr. Kraus has also invested in startups such as HomeAway, ngmoco, RelayRides, OpenCandy and gomiso.


  • Co-founder at Excite.com, a search engine. Excite was later sold to @Home for $7.2 Billion in 1999 [4]
  • Co-founder at DigitalConsumer.org[5]
  • Co-founder and CEO at JotSpot. In 2006, Joe sold JotSpot to Google and moved to Google.[6]

Interviews and Presentations

  • Lessons from Silicon Valley, interview with Peter Day [7]
  • Speaker at TechCrunch Disrupt.[8]
  • Speaker at Emerging Technology Conference[9]
  • Confessions of a Startup Addict[10]
  • Explains the social Web at Supernova 2008 conference[11]
  • VV Show #4[12]
  • No. 1 mistake: Not being persistent enough and not hiring well and/or hiring too fast[13]
  • The Joe Kraus Q&A[14]
  • An interview with Google's Joe Kraus on How to Make the Web More Social[15]
  • How Exciting![16]
  • Joe Kraus at Web 2.0 Conference[17]