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Organization: Fiji National Provident Fund
Affiliation: ALAC
Fellowship Program
Stakeholder Group(s): Technical Community
Region: Pacific Islands
Country: Fiji
Email: johnchand.fiji [at]
Blog: [[2] [3]]
Facebook: link=[1]   [[4] John Chand]
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Twitter: link=[john_fiji]   [john_fiji @[john_fiji]]

John has more than 12 years of Telecommunication experience in Broadband network, WiFi network and ISP network design, operation and maintenance experience as having worked for Telecom Fiji Limited.

Career History

John has a degree in Bachelor of Engineering Technology from The University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji with also various industry standard ICT certifications. He has been a regular speaker at the PacNOG events in the Pacific region and also the recent Pacific IGF event. He has also been in the leading role in Fiji working on setting up an IXP in Fiji with the local service providers and the Fiji Government.

John has also been a regular fellow at IETF94, APRICOT2016, ICANN55, ICANN57 and ICANN59 meetings around the globe. He has been a regular speaker at these conferences sharing his experiences and providing his expert input to technical discussions.

Areas of Interests: IPv6, BGP, OSPF/IS-IS, Network Security, IXP and DNSSEC.

ICANN Involvement

John was a ICANN 55 fellow in 2016.[1]

John was a ICANN 57 fellow in 2016.[2]

John was a ICANN 59 fellow in 2017.[3]


John received a Bachelor of Engineering from University of the South Pacific in 2003, where he majored in Electrical & Electronics. [4]

John completed his CCNA certification in 2013.

John completed his CompTIA Linux+ certification in 2015.

John completed his CCNP certification in 2017.


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