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Country: USA
Email: johndeneen[at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   John Deneen
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @ByronHotSprings

John Deneen is a Scientific and Technical Advisor for DotGreen, the applicant behind the new .green gTLD. He is also currently the CTO at United Synergy LLC, where he is involved in creating solar-assisted batteries, mobile devices and entire internet servers, trying to eliminate AC/DC converters, and generally working on recycling and upcycling waste products into new green energy applications.[1]

Mr. Deneen is also on the Board of Advisors, and is the Technical Director, at MacroDynamic Inc..[2]

Inspiration and Ideas

John was able to study and work under Larry Brilliant at The University of California, Berkley; and was also mentored by Doug Engelbart. He has since gone on to research and develop a variety of technologies that have the ability to reduce waste, emissions, and energy, reform our use of standard technologies, and reuse waste products in sustainable endeavors.

He is interested in developing more sustainable solutions for disaster relief; such as using blimps, and low-power and wireless technologies. This would not only allow relief efforts to save more lives but to do so in an environmentally innovative manner.[3]


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