Jordanian Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship

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Modee logo jo.png
Industry: Registry
Country: Jordan
Email: dns [at]
Website: (English)

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MODEE) is the registry operator for Jordan's .jo ccTLD, as well as the internationalized version, .الاردن. MODEE is the successor organization of Jordan's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and was renamed in 2019 to recognize its role in a broader range of economic, digital, and educational functions.[1] The ministry houses the National Information Technology Center (NITC), which performs technical registry operations.[2]

Note: The NITC's email address, dns [at], listed on Jordan's ccNSO member profile, appears to still be functioning as of March 2021.[3] However, the IANA Delegation Record lists dns [at] as the technical contact for the registry, and was more recently updated.[4]

.jo and .الاردن

The .jo domain is reserved for use by Jordanian businesses, organizations, and people. Foreign nationals living in the country may apply for a domain in their name.[5] Businesses and organizations with no presence in Jordan may apply for a domain name via a Jordanian Intellectual Property Office for the purposes of trademark protection. They must submit documentation of their registered mark to the office. The office then submits the application on behalf of the foreign entity.[5] This is designed to ensure that the administrative contact for the domain is within Jordan, with a Jordanian address.

Jordan completed an IDN Fast Track application for the arabic equivalent of its ccTLD in 2010.[3][6]