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Type: Private
Industry: Internet Software
Founded: 2004
Founder(s): Joe Kraus, Graham Spencer
Ownership: Google(2006)
Headquarters: 167 Hamilton Avenue 2nd Floor

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Country: USA
Website: Google
LinkedIn: JotSpot Inc.
Key People
Joe Kraus, co-founder and CEO

Ben Lutch, Vice President of Operations
Ken Norton, Vice President of Products Marketing
Graham Spencer,Chief Technology Officer
Perry Mizota,Vice President of On-premise Business
Scott Johnston,Vice President of Products

JotSpot was the first company to provide an application wiki. It provided secure wiki hosting with applications that can be installed into the wiki.[1] It got listed in InfoWorld's "15 Start-ups to Watch" in May 2006.[2]

The company provided structured wiki software for small to medium-sized businesses. It launched several applications such as JotSpot Tracker which is a wiki like online spreadsheet, a simple, web-based bug tracking database called Bug Reporter, and a server appliance that runs the JotSpot Application Wiki named JotBox.[3]

Acquisition by Google

Google silently acquired JotSpot in October, 2006 without disclosing the amount paid.[4] It was relaunched in February, 2008, as part of the Google Apps team, renaming JotSpot to Google sites.[5] The service is totally free for its users now and it provides various widgets like calendar, blogs, spreadsheets, forums and much more. It provides different templates, file up loaders and announcement pages for sites.[6]