Kaunas University of Technology

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Domreg lt logo.png
Industry: Registry
Founded: 1992
Headquarters: Kaunas University of Technology

Studentų 48a-331
51367 Kaunas

Country: Lithuania
Website: domreg.lt

The Kaunas University of Technology, known informally as Domreg, is the organization which manages the .lt ccTLD for Lithuania.[1] The .lt domain was originally managed by the University of Oslo in 1992, but was redelegated to Domreg in 1994.[2] In 2003, Domreg introduced internationalized domains with Lithuanian characters available for use in .lt domains.[3] The University joined the ccNSO in 2009.[4]


The .lt domain is an Open Use ccTLD, with As of March 2021, the domain has approximately 220,000 active registrations.[5]