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Industry: Domaining
Founded: 2006
Ownership: Domain Invest, 2009
Headquarters: Muenster
Country: Germany
Products: Premium Domain Names
Employees: 15
Email: sites [at]
Key People
Frederick Schiwek CEO
Paul Porzky CTO
Michael Sommerfeld SEO
Julian Hernandez


What started as a small business has grown over the years into an international company located in the heart of Münster, Germany. KeywordDomains GmbH has been dealing with high-quality domain names for over ten years now. Slowly but surely, they developed a nice domain portfolio and built a strong team to deal with all aspects of domaining. With the help of fresh capital, their parent company in Luxembourg and KeywordDomains GmbH supplemented their collection of domains with international gems like,, and thousands more.

Area of Operations

In addition to pure domain trading, they now also operate several websites and portals such as the largest German-language forum about domain trading [1], and they maintain and develop a growing portfolio of various domains in fields like health, travelling, education and many more.

KeywordDomains GmbH not only owns and operates a large portfolio of premium websites, but is also constantly developing or is involved in tools for the domain community, like its Pagerank Checker [2], OneClickWordpress [3], TrustLinker [4], DomainViewer [5], Webhosting Forum [6], [7] or the free responsive WordPress Theme Lehti[8].