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Country: Canada
Email: kim [at]
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Kim von Arx is currently offering consulting services to numerous organizations regarding domain names and ICANN. He is the Virtual General Counsel at Cognition LLP and the CEO, President, and Chairman of Start-up Inc.[1] He is also the Whois RT for the Non-Commercial Users Stakeholder Group.[2]

He is a member of the Executive Board of CENTR since 2006 and has been a member of ccNSO working groups as well as CENTR working groups.

Kim also guest lectures at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary on the subject of trade-marks and domain names. He also regularly presents at various conferences on domain names, Whois and privacy.[3]


Mr. Arx was the General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and Director of Policy Development of CIRA; he was a part of the senior management team and worked closely with CIRA's Board of Directors. Kim's overall responsibility, as the head of the legal department, was to ensure CIRA complied with applicable legislation and that it is well served in regard to all legal matters. As the head of the policy department, Kim was tasked to ensure that all of CIRA's policies were developed in an open, accountable, and transparent manner and in conjunction with the relevant input from all of CIRA's stakeholders.


Originally from Busan, South Korea and a citizen of Switzerland and Canada, Kim was educated in Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, and Canada. He attended Schule Schloss Salem, Lakefield College School, University of Dalhousie, University of Edinburgh, University of New Brunswick, and University of Ottawa.[4]

Personal Life

Kim enjoys classical singing, gymnastics, track and field, and martial arts. Kim is an avid reader of philosophy and enjoys mostly pre-Socratic work. He is a certified volleyball referee and fire brigade troop commander.


Kim wrote three articles on the ICANN:

He also wrote an article on online defamation law: