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Country: Sweden
Email: kurtis [at] kurtis.pp.se

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Kurt-Erik (Kurtis) Lindqvist is the CEO of Netnod Internet Exchange[1] and the Owner of Internet Technology Advisor. Lindqvist is also a member of the Internet Architecture Board, and a Participant at IETF.[2]

He holds a degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden.

Career History

In 1994, he co-founded Alandia Online, which is one of the two ISPs on the Aland Islands. In 1996, he worked on the merger of Alandia Online with Alcom. From 1997 to 2000, he was the Technical Director of EUnet Sweden and after that of the KPNQwest Sweden.

Lindqvist has also worked as the Director of IP Network Architectures at KPNQwest R&D team. Since June 2002, he has been the CEO of NETNOD.

In 1992, he was the part of a group that setup one of the first BBS' in Aland.[3]

He has been a WG chair in RIPE and the IETF. He has Chaired the Swedish Operators Forum, and has been chairman of the board of Euro-IX since 2003.[4]

He has been the chair of the SANOGSouth Asian Network Operators Group.[5] Lindqvist also serves as the co-chair of IETF Multi6-Wg, shim6 WG, v6ops WG and the chair of the RIPE NCC Services WG.[6]


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Lindqvist occasionally writes on his blog