Kuwaiti Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority

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Industry: Registry
Country: Kuwait
Email: nic.admin [at] citra.gov.kw
Website: NIC.kw

The Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) is the registry manager for Kuwait's .kw ccTLD.[1] The agency's Domains Management Section is responsible for registry operations.[2] CITRA joined the ccNSO in 2018.[3][4]


The .kw domain is restricted to registrants domiciled within Kuwait.[5] Currently, registrations are only open at the third level, under prescribed second level domains.[6] Presently, .com.kw, .net.kw, .gov.kw, .org.kw and .ind.kw are listed as available. CITRA has also indicated that they would entertain applications under other second level domains approved as gTLDs by ICANN.[7] As of March 2021, the domain had approximately 4,000 active registrations.[8]

CITRA's bylaws and registration rules anticipate an internationalized version of Kuwait's ccTLD, but currently there does not appear to be a process underway to obtain approval for an Arabic string.[5] [7] [9] Evaluation progress is not generally publicized, but it is notable that the most recent English versions of CITRA's policy documents are dated from 2016. Had an IDN Fast Track application been submitted on or around that time, it would likely have been resolved well before now.