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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Beauty, Makeup, New TLDs
Founded: 1909
Founder(s): Eugène Schueller
Country: France
Employees: 66,620 (2010)
Revenue: $19.5 billion (2010)
Email: Georges-Edouard.dias[at]loreal.com
(Public Applicant Contact)
Website: LOreal.com
Key People
Georges-Edouard Dias- Chief Digital Officer,
[[[:nTLDStats:L'Oréal/Link]] nTLDStats]
TLDs: 2
Registrations: 4

More Info: [[[:nTLDStats:L'Oréal/Link]] nTLDStats]

L'Oréal is the world's largest cosmetics and beauty product manufacturer;[1] it has applied for 15 new gTLDs in ICANN's gTLD expansion program. 5 of the 15 are gTLDs for generic terms related to its business interests (.beauty, .skin, .makeup, .salon, .hair), and the other 10 are Brand TLDs representing brands it owns (.redken, .lancome, etc.); one of its 10 brand applications is an IDN (.欧莱雅) for "L'Oréal" in Hans Chinese.[2] It remains somewhat unclear as to whether the company intends to keep registration for its generic terms "open", where anyone or almost anyone would be able to register a name, or "closed" so that L'Oréal owned and controlled every domain on the TLD.[3][4]

The company has been working with the new gTLD consultancy, FairWinds Partners.[5] They have contracted Verisign to provide their technical backend registry services.[6] Their Chief Digital Officer, Georges-Edouard Dias, is to be a keynote speaker at the Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress in March, 2013.[7] The conference is one of few New TLD conferences being offered at the time, specifically with a focus on Brand TLDs, and L'Oréal seems to be one of the first brands to begin a public discussion about its TLD plans or goals.

TLDs Applied for

  1. .beauty
  2. .garnier
  3. .hair
  4. .kerastase
  5. .kiehls
  6. .lancome
  7. .loreal
  8. .makeup
  9. .matrix
  10. .maybelline
  11. .redken
  12. .salon
  13. .skin
  14. .欧莱雅