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LACTLD is the abbreviation for the Latin American and Caribbean Association of ccTLDs. LACTLD is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1998 that strives to bring together ccTLD administrators in the Latin America and Caribbean region.[1]


LACTLD was first established on August 20, 1998 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was established within the framework of the meetings of the International Forum on White Paper (IFWP).[2]

Vision The main vision of LACTLD is to be the collective voice of ccTLDs in Latin America and Caribbean.[2]

Mission LACTLD was created to put forward the region's domain interests, to exchange information among those who administer the TLDs in the region, to promote the integration of the AT&C, and become a nexus for co-operation. [2]



LACTLD has organized various workshops to help its members gain a better understanding of ccTLDs. The most notable of these was one organized in Colombia regarding the Economic/Commercial aspects for ccTLDs. Other workshops organized by LACTLD include Advanced Registry Operations Course Details, Workshop on Technical Aspects for ccTLDs, Attack and Response Contingency Planning Workshop, Legal Issues and Policies for ccTLD Workshop, and many others. [4]


LACTLD was supportive of the functioning of ICANN as a private entity. It was of the view that, with ICANN, it would be easy to coordinate with the entire global Internet community. It was also of the view that ICANN would help to ensure that protocol parameters, IP numbers, and domain names were operated appropriately. LACTLD also supported the creation of the ccNSO, an institution within ICANN, that would help identify the entire volume of ccTLDs in general and the issues related to it in particular.[5]