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Industry: Registry.
Country: Laos
Email: admincontact [at]

The Lao National Internet Center (LANIC) is the sponsoring organization for the .la ccTLD, representing the Lao People's Democratic Republic (commonly known as Laos).[1] It also manages the internationalized domain for Laos, .ລາວ.[2] The organization provides administrative and technical registry functions.


In 1996, management of the .la domain was initially delegated with a specific employee within the Lao government as the administrative contact.[3] After forming LANIC in 2002, the government of Laos requested and was granted redelegation of the .la ccTLD.[3] As part of that effort, LANIC entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN.[4] LANIC joined the ccNSO in 2019.[5][6][7]

.la and .ລາວ

The .la domain is an Open Use ccTLD. It has been marketed as a "location hack" for "Los Angeles, Latin America or Louisiana" since late 2000.[3] In 2013, GoDaddy became involved in a similar marketing effort, this time specific to Los Angeles.[8] During that renewed marketing effort, the Phoenix Suns NBA franchise registered "," as a prelude to the playoff series between themselves and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014.[9][10]

The .ລາວ domain completed the IDN Fast Track evaluation process in 2018,[11] and was delegated to LANIC on January 10, 2020.[12]