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Type: Privately held
Industry: Internet
Founder(s): Ladas & Parry LLP
Headquarters: 224 S Michigan Ave

Chicago, 60604 Illinois

Country: USA
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@LadasDomains
Key People
Dennis Prahl, President

Sean Wilke, Director of Operations

LadasDomains LLC is an ICANN accredited private registrar offering superior alternative domain names and it is one of the few companies affiliated with a law firm specializing in intellectual property law and practice.

Ladas and Parry LLP

LadasDomains LLC was established by Ladas and Parry LLP, a law firm with 90 years experience specializing in intellectual property. The law firm was established in 1912 by Lawrence Langner in New York. The law firm has more the 50 attorneys and intellectual property professionals with offices located in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Munich.[1]

Practice Areas

Ladas and Parry LLP specializes in different practice areas which include Patents, Trademarks &Copyrights, Customs Activities,Litigation, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, Business and Commercial Law, Assignments and Recordals,Domain Names and E-Commerce.[2]

LadasDomains Services

LadasDomains, LLC offers Internet Domain Name Watch Service, which alerts its clients if any new domain names are registered by third parties that are exactly the same or similar to their clients' trademark or domain name rights.[3] Other services include:[4]

  • Domain name registration in all TLDs worldwide
  • Domain name maintenance
  • Domain portfolio management
  • Domain registration consulting and advice
  • 24/7 Online Access to domain portfolio
  • Whois access
  • Access to trademark search and registration services
  • Access to online trademark enforcement and domain name dispute services
  • Access to worldwide domain name search and audit services
  • Personalized portfolio and tech support

Ladas Domains and ICANN

In 2004, LadasDomains LLC filed an application with ICANN to become an accredited registrar,[5] The company was approved by the governing body the same year.[6][7]