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General Information
Industry: Youth Leadership
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society
Issue Areas: Youth Awarness, Privacy, Access, Inclusiveness, Capacity Development, Gender Equality, Technical Standards
Country: Nepal
Region: Global
Founded: 2015

LinkIcon.png   http://learninternetgovernance.blogspot.com


The Learn Internet Governance is an open internet learning platform that focuses on sharing and using knowledge and resource available under the community collaborative development program [1]. The concept was founded by Shreedeep Rayamajhi and Sajina Karki.


Learn IG was founded in 2015 with the basic motive of providing youth awareness and capacity building for the youth. Learn IG has been Involved with developing various toolkit and facilitating various national and regional Internet governance programs.[2]

Learn IG Purpose

  • To develop and encourage youth leadership
  • To promote Various awareness and capacity programs
  • Leading the voice of the issues of Governance
  • Diversity and representation

Participation Events

  • IGF2017
  • ICANN 60
  • Sri Lanka IGF 2017
  • APSIG 2017[3]
  • APrIGF 2017[4]
  • APSIG 2016[5]
  • APrIGF 2016[6]
  • SriLanka IGF 2016


  • ICANN New Fellow ToolKit[7]
  • Online| Offline VAW Toolkit[8]
  • Online Child Safety Toolkit[9]

Reports and Research papers

  • Internet Development Report of Asia-Pacific 2016- Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Their Challenges [10]
  • Report on Online Women Violence and Awareness of Social Media APrIGF 2016[11]
  • Internet Governance Capacity Survey Nepal 2016 [12]
  • Report on Survey of Internet-Standardization in Nepal 2014 [13]


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