Liesbeth Mack-de Boer

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Country: Germany
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Liesbeth Mack-DeBoer is the Chief Sales Officer at Sedo GmbH, where she manages the sales departments in the Cologne, Germany; Massachusetts, USA; and London, UK branches.[1] She represents Sedo at a number of international conferences, including ICANN meetings.[2]

Past Work

Liesbeth began at Sedo in 2005 as the Vice President of Sales,[3] and was promoted to CSO in 2010. Prior to joining Sedo, Mack-DeBoer served as the International Sales Director for GmbH from January 2004 to October 2005. From November 1996 to December 2003, she was Media Director at Legion Telekommunikation GmbH.[4]


Mack-DeBoer received an Executive MBA in Media Management from Steinbeis Business Academy (Steinbeis-Hochschule-Berlin) and a degree in Commercial Economics specializing in International Business and Marketing from the Hogeschool INHOLLAND in the Netherlands. Liesbeth is fluent in Dutch, German, and English.[5][6]