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Country: Brazil
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Luiz Bonilha is the President and CEO of LCMB Consulting.[1] LCMB is a telecommunications consultancy that is based in Sao Paulo focused on strategic planning, business intelligence, advocacy, and business development in the telecommunications, information technology, and Internet industries.

Career History

Prior to joining LCMB, he was the Managing Director of Telecommunications Industry Association in Latin America. He played an important role in telecom privatization process in Brazil.

Mr. Bonilha also assisted in promoting the Mutual Recognition Agreement. He has been a contributor to TIA's ICT Market Review and Forecast. Mr. Bonilha was also the Latin American representative for EIATRACK, Director of ABRANET,CEO of the Technological Research Institute (IPT), Special Advisor to the Governor of São Paulo State, and Superintendent of the Fundação Faria Lima. He founded ABRANET, which is the Brazilian ISP association.


He is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.[2]