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Type: Non-profit
Industry: Public Relations & Communications
Founded: 1998
Headquarters: 55 avenue Bosquet Cedex 07

Paris, 75330

Country: France
LinkedIn: Medef
Key People
Laurence Parisot, President- CEO

Jean-Louis Schilansky, President-MEDEF Paris

MEDEF (Le Mouvement des Entreprises de France),, in English it is a Movement of French Enterprises serves as lobbyist for businesses, making sure that their voice is heard by decision makers in the local, regional or national level of the government.

MEDEF is the largest organization of employers in France with more than 700,000 member firms. Majority are Small Medium Enterprises (SME) with less than 50 employees and 20,000 authorized agents.[1]

MEDEF was established on October 27, 1997 to replace the the National Council of French Employers (Conseil National du Patronat Français/CNPF),[2] a major employers organization in France since 1968. It's objective is to represent and promote the ideas and interests of French entrepreneurs to union organizations and the state.[3]