Jordi Genesca

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Country: Spain
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [jordigenesca Jordi Genesca]

Jordi Genesca is the Domain manager at Entorno Digital, an ICANN accredited registrar from Spain. He is a specialist of Domain registration services inlcuding Tlds, sTLDs, Cctlds and secodary market, online marketing and E-commerce and web business developement. [1]. He attened Universitat de Vic and Col.legi Sant Miquel, Spain.

Career History

  • From January 1994 to January 1997, Jordi Genesca was the Key account manager at Nationale nederlanden.
  • He was the Key account manager for Trama degasllar frfom April 1998 to September 2000.
  • From September 2000, he has been working as Domain and online sales manager at Entorno.