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Country: UK
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Malcolm Hutty is the head of public affairs at LINX. His role is to build up a communication with his associates and the government representatives.[1]


Mr. Hutty is the president of EuroISPA, an organization that represents London’s Internet Service providers and etiquette. Thus, he speaks on, and supports, large-scale European exchange. He is also a member of a variety of organizations that paved the way for regulating Internet use and implementation, these included Law Enforcement agencies, electronic departments and associations as well as communications with response groups and other informational groups. Mr. Hutty has also been the Chair of the Network Security Information Exchange. He has also served as an Executive Director of Internet Watch Foundation's Campaign Against Censorship, he resigned from this post when the IWF asked to ban legal material from the Internet in Britain.[2] He was an elected member of the Nominet Policy Advisory board.[3]

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Malcolm Hutty at ICANN Reception in Brussels