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The '''ICANNWiki Map Giveaway''' is a two-sided 11x17 sheet featuring a map of the host city, highlighting popular tourist locations and restaurant and bar recommendations on one side, and a fun, festive mural of the ICANN meeting space on the other. The illustration is unique to each conference, and the map giveaway is included in the registration giveaway bag that each registered attendee receives when checking in to the conference.
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<center>[[Image:Map-back-colored.jpg|300px]] [[Image:Map-front-colored.jpg|300px]] [[Image:DakarMap.png|300px]]</center>
==Map Sponsor==
Being the '''Map Sponsor''' is one of the special sponsorship opportunities that we currently offer. They are only available to our Platinum Sponsors, who enjoy the highest offerings our sponsorship program provides. Platinum sponsorship, and by extension the special sponsorship opportunities, contribute to our continued, enthusiastic participation at all three annual [[ICANN]] conferences. At these events we have an official booth space that is used to educate newcomers about our site, update the articles of established ICANN attendees, and hand out our popular [[Conference Materials|give-aways]].
Platinum Sponsorship includes the exclusive placement of your logo on one of these desirable gifts.  The [[Maps|map]] itself is a handy pocket reference to the foreign city that is hosting the given conference, and it features the locations of the ICANN venue, prominent hotels, tourist destinations, and the best local restaurants and bars. The reverse side features an illustration of our sponsors interacting with other ICANN attendees, and it is full of local flavor from the host city and other fun extras. As the map sponsor, only your logo will be displayed on the map portion of the giveaway, and your representation in the cartoon illustration on the reverse side will be extensive. The map is to be included in the registration giveaway bag that each conference attendee receives upon check in, and it is updated for every conference. The Map Sponsor has their logo exclusively, and prominently featured on the map itself. They are also given the fullest representation in the fun illustration found on the reverse side.
''Note: Participation as the Map Sponsor is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no current Map Sponsor; acting quickly will guarantee that you will see your brand further represented at all forthcoming ICANN conferences. Other high-level sponsorship opportunities include prominent placement on our [[Caricature Sponsor|printed caricatures]], our [[Caricature Sponsor|caricatures]], and placement on individual, high-trafficked pages on the ICANNWiki site.''

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