Marius Wunner

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Affiliation: InterNetX
Country: Germany
Email: marius.wunner [at]
Facebook: link=endsfett   [endsfett Marius Wunner]
LinkedIn: link=mariuswunner   [mariuswunner Marius Wunner]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @gi1

Marius Wunner is Product and Project Manager at InterNetX GmbH. He also serves as Hostmaster for PSI-USA, Inc., an InterNetX subsidiary, as well as Product Manager at Schlund Technologies GmbH.

He speaks English, German, French and Spanish.[1]

Career History

Marius has been working in the internet sector for over a decade. He is an experienced Hostmaster and specializes in topics relating to domain support.

  • Hostmaster at Freedomain
  • Hostmaster at
  • Hostmaster at InterNetX[2]


Marius studied at the Städt. Berufsschule III Regensburg.[2]