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|portrait  = MarkElkinsPortrait.JPG
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|country    = South Africa
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Country: South Africa
LinkedIn: link=Mark Elkins   [Mark Elkins Mark Elkins]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @@MarkJElkins

UnderConstruction.png Mark J. Elkins is the Owner of Posix Systems.[1] He is also an associate at NetDay Association and a Member at ISOC.[2]

Career History

Mr. Elkins was a member of the AfriSPA from 2000-2010. He served as the director at UniForm SA for 25 years[3] In 2009, he worked at AfriNIC for a few month as a board member. He was a member of ISPA from 2000-2009. Mr. Elkins joined UKOM systems in 1984 and worked there till 1986 as a CTO.

He has worked on Unix based computer systems since the beginning of his university. In 1984, he moved to South Africa from UK. After twelve years at Olivetti Systems and Networks, he started his own company (Posix Systems – an Internet Service Provider) and has been involved in Computer Communications since 1986.[4]


Mr. Elkins was born and educated in Queen Mary College (London University).[5] He attended the ACRP in 2009.[6]