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He has 11 years of Internet experience in public and private settings as a network engineer, ISP, consultant to ISPs and now as Chief Technology officer at the Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX). CIX is a non-profit trade association of ISPs and public data internetworking service providers which promotes and encourages the development of the industry in both national and international markets.

In his role as Chief Technology Officer at CIX he is responsible for the technical coordination of all of CIX’s activities. As a routine participant in the IETF and in the open work of the regional registries he has contributed to the development of global addressing policy over the last seven years.

He has been a participant at the IFWP meetings that helped propel the activity that eventually became ICANN. He is currently one of the editors of ICANN’s Ad Hoc report on Addressing and a regular participant in the work of the ASO and the ISP and connectivity provider constituency in the DNSO.


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Mathematics and Philosophy University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Master of Science in Computer Science University of Wisconsin – Madison[1]