Mark William Datysgeld

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Affiliation: Fellowship Program, GNSO, NextGen@ICANN
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Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Country: Brazil


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Mark William Datysgeld

Mark William Datysgeld is a Brazilian researcher holding a BA and a Master's degree in International Relations, focused on Internet Governance and the impacts of technology on public and private policymaking. Within ICANN, he is affiliated with the Business Constituency, supporting Latin American entrepreneurs in their participation in the institution. Mark works as a consultant to businesses and individuals in their participation in international institutions and events that relate to technology. He is also the creator of the Governance Primer course, a free initiative that since 2016 teaches Internet Governance, which has been carried out in 3 countries[1].

He attended ICANN 53 as a member of the NextGen at ICANN program[2], ICANN 55 as an ICANN Fellow[3], ICANN 56 as a NextGen Ambassador[4], ICANN 58 as a second time Fellow[5], ICANN 60 as a Coach for the Fellowship Program[6], and has since been attending the meetings in his own capacity as a private consultant.

Ever since his first meeting he has been engaged in supporting the NextGen program and developing solutions to improve participation for the underserved in the institution, having integrated the Selection Committee for the program between 2017 and 2018. He was part of the Local Staff of the 2015 Internet Governance Forum, then proceeding to organize the following Workshops:

  • "Hands-on Youth-driven Internet initiatives" in 2016[7].
  • "How to leverage BRICS digital advantages and leave behind our shortcomings?" in 2017[8].
  • "A BRIC hit the Web: Finding patterns in digital policymaking" in 2018[9].