Marksmen, Inc.

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Type: Privately held
Industry: Intellectual Property
Founded: 1998
Founder(s): Ken Taylor

Jason Tirado & Mark Doerr

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Country: USA
Blog: Namesmash
LinkedIn: Marksmen
Key People
Ken Taylor, President & Chairman

Keith Lim, COO
Phoebe Taylor, Manager Client Relations

Marksmen is an Intellectual Property Protection Services company based in California. The company also negotiates for the purchase or sale of IP rights internationally and monitors the Internet for both web content and domain name registrations. Marksmen was founded by Ken Taylor, Jason Tirado and Mark Doerr in 1998 and has conducted more than 55,000 intellectual property related cases worldwide. The company maintains offices in Los Angeles, California and in North Carolina.[1]

Ken Taylor, the company's President and CEO, is a member of the Intellectual Property Constituency within ICANN, the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, and the Triangle Intellectual Property Association.[2]


Marksmen provide the following services to its clients:[3]

  • Intellectual Property Investigations
  • Trademark Protection
  • Patent Litigation Support
  • Intellectual Property Acquisitions
  • Online Brand Protection
  • Anti-Counterfeiting


The company uses eBeagle to monitor the Internet, to ensure its clients brand is protected from IP violations, trademark diversion, copyright infringement and brand abuse in text, logos, multimedia and Chinese characters, as well as monitoring domain name registrations against individuals who use abuse a brand in any URL worldwide. eBeagle is capable of searching and monitoring domain names, brands and trademarks within 180 countries and 240 jurisdictional domain registries.[4]


Ken Taylor is the editor of Namesmash, a forum which provides accurate, unbiased and current information about the domain business. The website is powered by Marksmen.[5]