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Affiliation: Nyandarua Youth Empowerment Network Trust
Country: Kenya
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Maryanne Mumbi Muriuki has been a Coordinator at Nyandarua Youth Empowerment Network Trust since November 2014.[1][2]

She was involved with ICANN as a NextGen@ICANN Fellow from December 2015 to March 2016, for ICANN 55 in Marrakech, Morocco, which was her first ICANN Meeting.[1]

She holds local IGF forums and citizen journalism workshops, as well as organizes tech bootcamps for "aspiring girls-in-tech".[1] As a citizen journalist, she has particular interests in covering environment, sports, and STEM issues afecting rural girls and persons living with disabilities.[1]

She says she loves the Rose City, and is a "Jacqueline of all trades!!" -- "Sports, Tech ,Environment, Diplomacy: name it!!" she says.[1] "


Maryanne is trained in Disaster Management and International Diplomacy.


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