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Organization: ICANN
Affiliation: RSSAC
Stakeholder Group(s): ,|xyz|xyz|
Region: North America
Country: USA

Matt is the VP of Research in the CTO.

Career History

Larson has been the Vice President of Research in the Office of the CTO since May 2016. He was CTO at Dyn and Vice President of R&D at Verisign.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Larson represents ICANN on the RSSAC.


Larson double majored in computer science and music at Northwestern University.


Larson has been a Co-Music Director with his wife at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Washington, DC, since 2017.


Along with Aziz Mohaisen and Omar Alrawi, Larson was issued a patent for systems and methods for behavior-based automated malware analysis and classification in 2014.[1]